Yacht’s Activities

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The AJAO motor yacht is set to provide its guests a large range of activities; one full of action – or one with relaxation in mind – the choice is yours!
Some of the activities listed below are location-centric, meaning that they can only be carried out based on chosen itinerary and location.
Every cruising destination is different, which is why, we, on board the AJAO, carry many different types of equipment, enabling you to get the best experience possible, in every region we set course towards.

Allow us to list just some of the many activities you can enjoy from the convenience of the yacht, in the below sections.


Whether you’re an expert diver, or it is the first time you try scuba-diving, onboard the AJAO, you’ll find the proper expertise and equipment necessary for your upcoming dives – all in a safe and comfortable environment.
With a maximum capacity of only 6 guests for overnight charters, you’ll never feel crowded while getting ready for your dive from AJAO’s diving platform!

Together, we will cruise through the best dive-sites the world has to offer, such as Similan Islands, Mergui Archipelago or the South of Phuket.
Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these marvelous underwater sceneries and unique marine life!
NOTE: Please book your diving guide or diving instructor prior to the tour.


Wherever you choose your journey with the AJAO should be heading towards, we can guarantee you, that there is always a good spot where you can dive in the water for a wonderful snorkeling experience.
Fins, masks and wetsuits are freely available, and the crew will be happy to take you to islands that are renown for their rich underwater sea-life.

We’ll introduce you to areas with the most stunning corals, and we’ll make sure that your snorkeling experience will be the best you’ve ever experienced!

Rubber Boats (dinghies) Islands Exploration

With two comfortable rubber boats (dinghy) onboard, both equipped with powerful outboard motor engines, we can take you to uninhabited islands with white sandy beaches, to exotic Mangrove rivers, or through the absolutely breathtaking towering limestone islands, dense jungles and unspoiled beaches of the Phang Nga Bay.

Birds Watching

Have a good close-up view of the ecology of the mangroves while peeking from the yacht, dinghy or from your kayak, while paddling through the mangrove jungle. In the mangrove ecosystem, sweet water from the rivers merges with saltwater from the ocean – and this magical encounter creates a practically submerged forest, where aerial roots seem to be knitted together as you progress on your journey.

During the cruise, you might even be lucky to see monkeys, snakes, eagles, otters, monitor lizards and, of course, many exotic birds species. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars!


The AJAO offers a Kayaking experience beyond comparison with our 2 double-seated Kayaks that are always available onboard. Sea kayaking gives you a truly unique, personal perspective of this amazing part of the world.
The striking limestone islands and caves of the Phang Nga Bay are a wonder to behold, and the small sea-kayaks are the only way to get right up-close, though the smallest channels and into to beautiful secret lagoons, which are inaccessible by any larger boat; providing fantastic views of nature at its finest.
Paddle to the beautiful beaches of Koh Rock, to the Tarutao Pirate Cave, or on the many hidden lagoons of Mergui Archipelago.
No matter the destination you choose for your journey, we will take you to the best spots to go kayaking!

Table Games, TV and Books

In between excursions, or during the evening, after a full-day of adventures, you may wish to take it a bit more easy. For that, we have equipped our yacht with onboard table-games, TV’s and books.
With that, you’ll never feel bored – no matter your preference!
NOTE: Internet TV only works while nearby the coastline (within 20Nm).


You can do fishing right off AJAO’s platform. All fishing equipment is readily available for both pole, line  and deep sea fishing.
With a little help from our experienced crew, and our onboard Fish finder, we will take you to the best fishing spots nearby – where your chances for a rich catch are higher.
Afterwards, our chef would be delighted to prepare a delicious meal of your catch that you can enjoy after a long day fishing!

NOTE: Fishing activities are permitted outside the National parks and are allowed in specific areas only.
The crew will keep you informed at which areas fishing is permitted.


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