Have you ever wanted to undertake a little time-traveling during your holidays? A little peek back in time, seeing the world as our ancestors once has experienced it, before the world has started spinning in overdrive and the internet of things has taken over the perception of how we experience things? Well, unfortunately, we can’t show you a mirror of how the whole world once looked like a long time before we’ve been born, but we can, however, show you a part of the world that has stayed merely untouched and still can be experienced just the way our ancestors did – allow us to present you the marvels of Koh Yao!

Koh Yao Islands With Ajao Cruises Yacht

Located in the middle of Phang Nga Bay, you’ll find the islands of Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi. Once you arrive here, you’ll soon notice that everything will start to slow down, and that you might, in fact have travelled back in time!
Gone is the hustle and bustle of the busy beaches, the roads and streets, the vendors and storefronts that often are to be found in the more touristy places.

Instead, in this wonderful paradisiacal location, daily life seems to be going at a much easier and slower pace. Would you want to experience a stressless and slow-paced vacation? Yes? Perfect! That’s the spirit! Allow us take you to Koh Yao aboard the AJAO, your private luxury yacht, so you can experience it all first hand!

Close Proximity to Phuket And Krabi – Yet Traditional-Fashioned

Almost with an exact equidistance of 30 km to either Ao Nang or Phuket, Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi exhibit a much more traditional approach to typical Thai life compared to its surrounding areas. Perhaps, in part, caused by the lack of bridges, development of these islands has gone at a much slower speed in the past decades and the islands have remained largely untouched and still display all of the serenity and beauty, once to be found everywhere in these parts of the Andaman Sea!

Farmers And Fishermen

On Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi, there are a few high-end resorts as well as guest houses available for the more budget conscious travelers, where also the Thai locals have found work, but generally, the average local Thai family living there, still generates most of their income from farming and fishing – just like back in the days. Due to that, many of the islands tranquil bays and beaches for instance don’t have modern accommodation built on them and therefore they are allowed to stay as beautiful and serene as they always have been!

Unique Possibility To Experience Traditional Thai Life

When coming to visit Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi on a cruise onboard the AJAO, you’ll be treated to sights and sensations only few get to ever experience in life. The traditional relaxed Thai way of life is still predominant and will entice you to linger and to let your soul wind down and relax. All of this is only being bested by the surrounding lush tropical landscapes, ocean views and crystal clear waters around these wonderful islands. Does that sound like a treat? Come and join us soon!

Make your personal luxury vacation come true

Now it is up to you to make your personal adventure come true. We’d love to take you to places you thought didn’t exist anymore. Lush tropical forests, towering limestone cliffs, easily accessible cave systems, white sandy beaches and vibrant and colorful coral reefs. All of this and more is lying ahead of you, only to be discovered and marveled at by you when traveling with us onboard the AJAO! What are you waiting for?
If you should have any questions prior to booking your itinerary, please don’t hesitate getting in touch!
Not being bound by schedule is one of the big advantages the AJAO offers. You can spend a whole week here or just a day – the choice is yours!

For more information about our itineraries, pricing, activities and more, feel free to read more at www.ajaocruises.com.

Join us on board the Ajao and we will show you our paradise!

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