Why not combine your luxury cruise on board the AJAO with a course in scuba diving? It serves as a perfect match between relaxation, luxury vacation and adventure – and all that in the private surroundings that only a personal yacht can supply you with.

The waters we cruise are famous for their abundant underwater life and great and colorful coral reefs – some of which are beyond comparison. During your tour, we will show you some pristine, picture-perfect dive sites while coaching you to master the skills of diving.

The AJAO is not only a luxury VIP yacht but at the same time a floating, fully equipped, dive center with brand new dive equipment for safe and fun learning.

Koh Yao Islands With Ajao Cruises Yacht

Scuba Diving Courses at your own speed

Our diving courses will take place in a bay with shallow and calm water as a way to slowly ease you into the world of diving. Here, you have all the time you need to practice before heading out to the coral reef itself.
Our certified instructor has many years of experience teaching beginners of all ages and will patiently show you all the basics, the tricks and safety precautions there are to be known in order to succeed and become a confident diver.

Want a break between lessons? No problem at all. With your private yacht at your disposal, you decide when it is time to go back on board the AJAO for a snack and a siesta!

After initial training, we will take you to some of the most beautiful and picturesque spots for diving. Among others, while underwater, you will meet rich marine life including groupers, parrotfish, butterflyfish, moray eels, and many more species, all colorful and interesting to watch in their natural surroundings. It really is like being in Nemo’s home!
You will love the underwater landscape with its richness in colors and shapes – that much we can guarantee you beforehand!
It never ends to amaze even us with the sights of walls covered with orange, blue and purple soft corals and sponges. In the shallow waters, you find seagrass meadows with turtles arriving for lunch. There is always something new to explore and discover, so no tour will ever be the same no matter how often you go diving with us!

Become a certified diver

After the diving course, you will receive an international diver certificate, which is valid worldwide. So, until you come back for your next holiday on the AJAO you can explore the underwater world wherever you go, whenever you feel like it. And when you do come back for another luxury holiday on the AJAO, we will take you to new fantastic places to dive. Maybe Myanmar and the Mergui Archipelago? Or perhaps Thailand and the Similan Islands? A combination of the two? The possibilities are endless! We have cruised and dived these areas for years and we will be delighted to show you our favorite spots throughout your tour onboard our luxury yacht. You’ll quickly come to realize that a private yacht phuket has many advantages, also when it comes to diving.

If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves while being pampered during your very own luxury yacht experience with all its amenities, this is where the fun starts.

Discover the wonders of the aquatic world with us, book your itinerary onboard the AJAO. The advantages? You can choose to dive whenever you want and together we can plan for pristine dives away from the crowds – at your very own terms, on your own schedule – whenever you feel for it.

Join us on board the Ajao and we will show you our paradise!

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