Phuket and its surroundings are blessed with so many amazing places for us to explore and to choose the five best ones seems almost impossible. However, here are five fantastic destinations that will leave you speechless and with lifelong memories.

Phi-Phi Islands

This group of islands east of Phuket is the ultimate tropical getaway. Here you will find majestic limestone cliffs rising up from the turquoise water and great adventures await.

Here are a few:
Just south of the two main islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley, you will find two much smaller islands called Bida Nok and Bida Nai. Don’t be surprised if you see no other boat or speed boat around, these islands are less visited and we know the perfect time to go. We also know some truly fantastic spots for snorkeling.

Swimming close to the rocks you will find an underwater maze of rocks with gigantic purple and red gorgonians waving in the soft current. Remember not to only look down but also in front of you as this is home to the elegant Blacktip Reef Shark! They will keep their distance but usually stay in the area because they are territorial. At times we have had encounters for up to an hour! Just float comfortably on the surface and let the sharks do their show.

Another experience we truly recommend is Bamboo Island just north of the main islands. While you are enjoying a glass of fresh juice and the sun rising up from the horizon the captain will move Ajao the short trip to this picture-perfect island. Again, timing is everything, and to start your day with a visit to Bamboo will leave you almost alone on the chalky white beach making you feel like Robinson Crusoe. Take a walk along the beach and a refreshing morning swim before going back to Ajao for the breakfast of your choice.
The Phi Islands hold adventures for many days of cruising on your luxury yacht Ajao. Just let us know how many days you want to spend onboard and we will plan your adventure in detail.

By the way, when its time to head back to Phuket we will stop at Koh Kiew and Maiton Island where you will have a good chance to spot dolphins!


Railey Beach

North of the Phi Phis Islands, close to Krabi, lies Railey Beach. It’s easy to think you are on an island but Railey is actually part of the mainland but separated by a huge mountain so it´s only accessible by boat giving the area that special island feeling.

To sit in the front of Ajao, hearing the bow of the boat cutting through the water and seeing the great mountains of Railey Beach getting closer will stay in your mind forever. The perfect time to arrive is in the late afternoon. The golden afternoon sunrays will paint the mountains in a beautiful red color only to be experienced from the sea. Once anchored, jump into the dinghy with our prepared picnic bag and enjoy the sunset on the beach. You will find Railey Beach very relaxed and laid back. Spontaneous soccer games between the hotel staff and tourists are being held and frisbees are being thrown with mixed accuracy. Enjoy an evening drink (why not let us mix the local version of a sweet, ice-cold rum and coke for you?) as the sunset into the ocean.

The next morning we will guide you a short walk through stalactites and stalagmites to the amazing Phra Nang Beach and tell you the legend of Princess Odessa!


Phak Bia

In the middle of Phang Nga Bay you will find the island Phak Bia with a beach that change constantly. In low tide the beach is wide and long and when high tide arrives a few hours later you can paddle over it with one of our kayaks.

The area is full of caves, beaches, lagoons and mangrove forests to be explored. As you pass the limestone cliffs you might see men climbing on bamboo sticks tied to the walls. They are searching for the sea swallows nest which is a delicacy used in soup. It is sometime referred to as “the caviar of the East”. This hunt for birds nest is rare and can only be witnessed on a few places, making it a unique experience.


Kradan Island

This is island life at its best! No rush, no stress only crispy white sand and crystal clear water. Local restaurants serving fresh food to be enjoyed with your toes in the sand. The coral reef is just a few metres from the beach and you can watch the abundant marine life with your mask and snorkel for hours.


Koh Yao Noi

A visit to Koh Yao Noi is like stepping back in time. Here people make a living from farming and fishing with traditional techniques from longtail boats. Let us take you ashore and show the small idyllic villages with houses built on poles in the water, the rice fields and the impressive views. The locals are friendly and welcoming and you will have the opportunity to really get behind the scenes of another culture.
Finish you day at Koh Yao Noi by visiting the northern tip, Ao Kian and the Big Tree. The name is well earned as it takes about twenty people to form a circle around this 300-year-old tree. If you are in the mood for more adventure just paddle across from Ao Kian to Koh Kudo and you will find a marvellous lagoon with palm trees hanging over the beach.

These are a few of our favorite spots to visit on our cruises. We have extensive knowledge of the area and will show you all its beauty together with a few secret spots!

Do you think it is difficult to choose which island to visit on your vacation? Do you want to see it all? Do you know what, it is possible! Book Ajao for a week’s cruise and you will experience it all!

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