As soon as the Ajao leaves the marina, you can already see them in the distance; the majestic limestone cliffs that forms the magical archipelago of Phang Nga Bay. The cliffs come in all different shapes and sizes creating a fairy tale landscape with hidden lagoons, caves and small beaches, some only accessible at low tide.
This is one of the reasons why we are so passionate about this area; there are always new discoveries to be made depending on season, weather and tides. Phang Nga has great things to offer all year around.
With the Ajao as your luxury platform, together with our professional crew and knowledgeable guides, we can promise you an incredible experience in a fantastic environment. Our kayaks and stand up paddle boards will let you come close to nature and experience all the wildlife of the bay.

Imagine the following situation

You are paddling towards the steep cliff rising from the ocean. It is a breathtaking view. As you get closer you see a small opening in the rock. You can´t really see whats on the other side, but you do see that the sunlight reaches down. The opening is so narrow that, to get through, you must lay down in your kayak and slide through. When you sit up again, you find yourself in another world. You are floating in a small round shaped lagoon with the towering cliffs surrounding it.
Green cactuses are hanging on to cracks in the rock waiting for rainwater and the seabed is covered with mangrove trees leaving a small passage for you and your kayak to explore the area.
Schools of juvenile fish swim among the trees using its roots for protection. You look up and see a Bramany kite circling high up in the blue sky searching for food. The only sound you hear are the birds, a few Kingfishers are hanging out on a nearby rock, and the ocean outside the lagoon. You lay back in your kayak and relax. True tranquillity at its best!

After about half an hour you may be satisfied with what youve seen and decide to paddle out the opening again. Youll notice that it was easier this time, as you just had to lean your head a little bit to get out. The Ajao is anchored in the bay about fifty metres away, and as you get closer, you smell that lunch is soon to be served. After youve enjoyed your tasty, freshly made meal, you lean back in the shadow for a short siesta before you decide to go back to the lagoon once more.

As you approach the cliff again, you see a big hole, where you a few hours before barely got through! Its low tide. In front of the hole, there is now a beautiful white beach. Sea stars are pushing themselves down in the moist sand and the crabs dig small holes waiting for the tide to come back. You can simply leave the kayak on the beach and walk into the lagoon. The last water flows in a small stream over your feet, and you are greeted by a very different world once again. Now the maze of the mangrove roots is fully exposed, and if you look closely in between, you can find both Fiddler Crabs waving their claws and the odd-looking Mudskippers. Youll hear the water dripping from cracks and crevices and a new version of silence is present.

Would you like to experience this? Its all possible and very real. This is a description of one our favourite places in Phang Nga.
With the Ajao, we have the capacity to visit many rarely visited spots as well as the option to choose when to go where to avoid the crowds.
We love to cruise this area! Contact us and we tell you more and plan your personal adventure.

More About the Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a great place for birdwatching. Apart from the Bramany kite and Kingfishers, you can for instance also find the White belly sea eagle and the Pacific reef egret here. If birdwatching is your special passion and hobby, we can provide a professional ornithologist to accompany you on the cruise.

Other wildlife that you can see when on the island, is for example the macaques monkey climbing the steep cliffs in groups. On the beach, you can find a monitor lizard sunbathing or, more rarely, taking a swim.

The many secluded bays and islands are excellent for a relaxing swim and to explore with a short walk.

Of course, a cruise in Phang Nga is not complete without a visit to the island Tapu which became famous when it was used as Scaramangas hideout in the James Bond movie The man with the Golden Gun. Its a beautiful island and its easy to understand why it was chosen for the movie. Tapu means nail in Thai and it really looks like a giant nail with the lower part being much smaller than the top part.

Join us on board the Ajao and we will show you our paradise!

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